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My past dictates my images.

Chelsea Arts School in the painting studios.

Rock n Roll in the sixties.

Iconic design projects; from Biba – ‘the most beautiful store in the world’ & Paul McCartney to Formula One, London Transport & the Queen.

The power of colour is my fascination – music my inspiration – & design craft my ability.

Being taught by John Hoyland, Patrick Caulfield & Allen Jones was a great start to my perpetual involvement with colour, love of Pop Art & humour.

Colour invokes light, and with music, creates moods, atmospheres & mental escapes.

I listen to music endlessly – from Miles Davis & Aretha Franklin to Mozart & Stravinsky. It is the perfect abstract art form; as it changes, so does my mood – so does my colour palette.

Fall into the differing spectra, hear the sounds & dream.

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