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I make prints…limited edition prints…from my artworks.

My images are the result of:

  • being taught by Patrick Caulfield, Allen Jones & John Hoyland in the painting studios at Chelsea School of Art. Hence my love of Pop Art and my obsession with the complexities of colour.
  • from rock and roll, working in the business with The Pretty Things, The Family Dogg & PJ Proby in the ‘60s and discovering Peter Frampton and the Herd.
  • being co-founder of the successful design group Whitmore-Thomas, working upon iconic projects from Biba (‘The most beautiful store in the world’ – The Sunday Times) to Paul McCartney, Levis, Subaru & British American Racing – not forgetting the Queen’s Silver Jubilee buses*.

I have amalgamated these influences from painting & colour theory, rock’n’roll & popular culture and design & architecture into my print-making, which I’ve combined with humour and word-play.

All of which I transform into prints…limited edition prints…which are for sale…here…

*For more information visit steventhomasdesign.com.