My print images in this section are:

American Icons, my neo-Pop Art comments on our popular culture and that of the US – look for the American Pie diptych, Elvis’s Greatest Hits or Elvis Lives in Levis – an anagrammic homage to two great US icons.

The Clash of the Titans; ‘Man Ray Charles’ or ‘Gene Vincent van Gogh’ for example, the co-joining of very diverse images through the accident of nomenclature.

And Heroes and Villains; as in ‘Ziggy (hero) & the Ziggarettes’ (villains) or ‘Kiss the Sky’ – Jimi Hendrix & lysergic acid or LSD. Also in this section are my heroes, with no downside, homages to Sir Peter Blake, Sir Terry Frost and David Hockney (he turned it down!)

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Showing all 21 results